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  • Трек: Stay In
  • Исполнитель (артист): Jackie Onassis feat. Spit Syndicate
  • Длительность 4:27
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Jackie Onassis feat. Spit Syndicate - Stay In"

    Come on a trip with me let me take you inside a minute,
    There's room enough for two but your more than welcome to ride with us,
    Forget the leather inside just remember to wind down your window,
    I'm speaking to one but there's a million hitch hiking with her,
    A couple of years ago she'd where the clothes that hide her figure,
    Now she'll catch you in traffic at the lights like, "hi mister",
    And they gon' keep their rev's high just to try and hit her,
    What's even worse, I used to look at her like she my sister,
    She love the bright, love the ice and how the light hit it,
    I tell her it's temporary shine like a light fixture,
    She told me temporary's fine, I told her I can dig it,
    At least until she find a diamond that fits,
    She loved the energy, the chemistry, the dangerous sex,
    Said home's cold, mum's old, plus she suffers from stress,
    I told her I ain't one to judge, can't knock ya hustle I guess,
    Just keep ya poker face with you when he's onto the next, I told her,
    That all that glitters ain't gold and rain can turn that chain to rust,
    I said it before I treasure you more when your chain Is tucked,
    She caught the eye of some other Johnny dangerous,
    N hopped up out the car, how 'bout some change for the bus, c'mon'

    You gotta move on, you'll find out soon enough,
    You gotta be moving on,
    And I hope you find out soon enough.
    I said it's never too late.

    And it was getting late,
    I was standing in line, out front of the premises,
    Wondering if ever this secca would let me enter 'em,
    When she caught my attention, as she walked to the entrance,
    And then she threw me a grin, like watch me get straight in,
    She was a little too big for the boots, she's rocking every weekend,
    And I can't knock her, was steaming hot, proper conceited,
    Dolled up in spots that the dealers often frequent,
    Anything she wants yeah they got it, to see what's underneath 'em,
    Starry-eyed, doing her lines in front of the mirror,
    Normally I'd be right there with her, but tonight saw something bigger,
    There was something different in her, like a light had suddenly hit her,
    Everything I'd once desired was gone,
    Ain't nothing glamorous in what you conceal,
    Even in the flash of the cameras, none of this real,
    Tell me, when the music stops, and the drugs wear off,
    And they hit the lights, how do you feel, she said I feel GOOD!

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